Enable Self-Serve with User Guides

Help your customers help themselves by creating User Guides, also known as a Help Center or a Knowledge base

Updated on September 1, 2022

Once you've started identifying patterns in user questions, the next step is to create a list of frequently asked questions to help your users before they have to ask your team. Typically, FAQs are a brief list of simple questions and do not contain interactive images or video to help guide users through your products.

User Guides

Going beyond simple FAQs requires creating a knowledge base or a help center that contain articles to guide your users through various steps and processes within your products and services to achieve their goal. Usually these articles contain multiple steps.

Creating Articles

When creating articles, center them around user goals and the functions users are required to perform in your app to achieve them. These are a great place to explain the differences between options and features to better help guide the user towards their goal.

Evergreen Knowledge

An important component of creating a Knowledge base is ensuring that it is constantly maintained and kept up-to-date with relevant customer queries as trends shape over time. Using Aide' Explore feature, you are able to maintain a high-level overview of the different topics and how they shift over time to ensure that you have sufficient coverage of relevant topics in your help center.

Make Time to Review Feedback

Let it inform a redirection for action, when appropriate and also use it to inform specific changes in the business. As besides Surveys and NPS scores, unsolicited feedback is typically more earnest.

Organizing Articles

You would want to group your articles in a certain hierarchy and make sure that it's all well organized, so when people are digging in they are able to find what they're looking for where they expect it.

Which tool should I use?

The most popular tool for creating user guides is Zendesk's Guide product, Intercom's Help Center is also a popular option that works well. Other companies with popular offerings include Hubspot' knowledge base and Atlassian' confluence. Generally, it does not matter which tool you use as long as you provide the knowledge for your team to help customers and for customers to help themselves.