Get Organized

Ensure consistent top-tier performance by codifying team knowledge, processes, and resolutions steps

Updated on September 1, 2022

Ensuring a consistently great support experience requires deliberate planning and having a clear set of handling procedures and processes to follow for every customer need and long-term operational sustainability

Document Processes

Map end-to-end processes. Having processes or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) helps your team respond consistently and resolve issues in a systematic manner as opposed to figuring things out every time when issues occur.

Create Snippets

Snippets are pre-drafted responses to reduce turnaround time when responding to customers who ask very common questions. They're referred to canned templates in Front, Macro comments in Zendesk, and Shortcuts in Zendesk Live Chat.

Share Knowledge

It is important to maintain a library of shared responses and SOPs to react to similar queries. This helps current agents resolve issues faster and new agents get up to speed when they're being onboarded as they are trained on-the-job with the ability to refer to the existing set of knowledge documentation maintained by the team.

Document Interactions to Analyze Patterns

Label messages from your customers to see what topics are most recurring and aid further planning and load distribution efforts across your team. Keeping the issues documented helps you understand contact-reasons and quickly identify similar issues in the future for quick resolution.

By identifying patternistic emails, you will be able retrospectively analyze the biggest points of customer confusion to eventually create self-serve guides and improve your support process to help reduce pressure on your team. i.e. you will be able to create async deflection resources like further documentation and improving information design at points where issues arise for your customers.