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Aide for Chrome

Use our Chrome extension to instantly access your knowledge — snippets and processes from any page on the web

Aide for Chrome


Our Chrome extension helps you access your knowledge from your tool of choice and quickly insert snippets. This helps your team speed up their workflow and reduces context-switching

  • Access KnowledgeFull visibility over communications to pinpoint improvement opportunities and prioritize focus areas
  • Shortcuts for SpeedMessages are clustered by meaning and intent to give you a full view of shifts in topics over time
Search Snippets and Processes


Our Chrome extension allows our customers to quickly search for and access their knowledge from anywhere on the web. Snippet shortcuts allow instant insertion of text to avoid workflow interruption.

How it works

After scheduling a demo,you will be able to create snippets and processes inside your Aide dashboard to access them using our Chrome extension.

Setting it up

You only need to sign up for an Aide account and create the snippets and processes you want to access using the extension. If you need help importing your data from other tools or sources, let us know.

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