Using Aide

Aide allows you to organize your knowledge, keep it up to date, and use the latest AI technology to learn from past interactions tp improve your agent and customer experiences

Updated on September 1, 2022

Aide learns from your data to create models to identify incoming tickets and suggestions solutions for them, helping your team cut down the amount of time spent labeling tickets and looking up knowledge.

Leverage your data

When it comes to training models, Data is your biggest asset. With Aide, you can easily import your tickets into our system to create a custom models fine-tuned on your actual conversations.


Aide automatically identifies the different topics and contact reasons in your inbox by semantically clustering your messages. We don't shoe-horn your data into a arbitrary categories, but rather, build up a taxonomy of clusters from the bottom-up based on your actual data.

Inbound Analysis

Aide automatically identifies the different clusters of messages based on messages in your inbox based on customer's intents. We don't shoe-horn your data into a pre-made categories, but rather, identify existing clusters.

Based on the message Aide creates a 3-level hierarchy to fit messages in, the order is Primary category (Level 1), Sub-category (Level 2), and Card (Level 3). Each card represents a type of issue

For example:

Category (Level 1): Orders → Sub-Category (Level 2): Modification → Card (Level 3): Add Product

Knowledge sharing and management


When you connect your Front or Zendesk inbox, Aide automatically imports your snippets, macros, and shortcuts — this enables us to make intelligent suggestions when a customer inquiry comes in. Another added benefit is if you use multiple platforms, you only need to edit your snippets once (on Aide) and they will be synchronized across every platform you use.


To Standardize Operating Procedures, Aide helps you create and maintain step-by-step instructions to solve your customer's problems.

Aide helps you maintain a shared knowledge repository of all your step-by-step processes and snippets for solving customer issues. With Agent panel, the correct processes and snippets are surfaced right when you need them.