Data Security

Security is Paramount

We care about your data's safety and security and limit access for essential use only

Stop data
We don't share data
You trust your platforms and they trust us. Your data never goes anywhere without permission
Cleared personnel only
Cleared personnel only
Only core trusted members of our data and research teams are allowed to access your data
Strict access control
Strict access control
We enforce strict access control with everyone blacklisted by default to prevent unauthorized access
Data bin
We don't retain data
If you leave or request account deletion we completely purge every record of your data down to the last bit
We don't store credentials
We use OAuth to securely connect to your platforms and do not keep track of your credentials
Trusted partner
We have no interest in or nefarious intentions with regard to your data and customers

Security concerns?

We use the highest security standards to ensure your data is always safe. If you have questions, contact [email protected]

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