AI Assist is based on the ability to identify customer intents that are learned from your past history.

You can enable or disable the features that you want to be displayed on the AI Assist widget as you work through your inbox in Zendesk or Front.

The AI Assist widget helps agents get through their inbox faster by detcting customer intents and displaying:

  • Intent the detected customer intent for a message.
  • Agent Guidance based on previous responses.
  • AI Responses drafted using GPT technology based on previous responses to similar questions.
  • Attached Macros to instantly resolve common questions.
  • Attached SOPs to instantly resolve common questions.
Info Tip

AI Assist is based on customer intents therefore, it is important to have a comprehensive taxonomy that contains every customer intent.

Learn more about Intents →

Unknown Intents

When AI Assist is unable to identify a customer message, you will receive an Unknown Intent. To make sure that Aide is able to identify similar messages in the future, add the customer message as an example to the relevant intent.

AI Assist States
Info Tip

If you're a Front user you might get a No Access error, if you encounter this make sure that your Webhook rule for Aide gives it access to the inboxes you want to use Aide in.

Customizing AI Assist

You can customize AI Assist to display the features you want to use. This is specific to your account only and does not affect other members of your team.

AI Assist Features

As you enable or disable AI Assist features, you will see a Widget Preview section on the right side to show you how each setting affects your experience.

Installing AI Assist

You can Install AI Assist from the Front marketplace or the Zendesk marketplace.