Each SOP is a set of steps for agents follow in solving customer issue. This helps your team handle issues consistently and ensures that new members are able to contribute from day one.

SOPs are used for:

  • Providing instructions to new, outsourced or seasonal agents
  • Getting just-in-time knowledge suggestions without having to search

You can attach multiple SOPs to every intent and they will be surfaced on the AI Assist widget for that intent.

Info Tip

You must attach SOPs to intents to use them. Because SOPs are surfaced for agents on AI Assist, using AI Asist is required.

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Creating SOPs

On the SOPs page you will see all of your SOPs and the intents they are attached to. To create a new SOP, click + add SOP. You need to provide a name and description for every SOP you create.

Info Tip

If you would like to use your SOPs from an existing knowledge base such as Guru, Trainual, Notion, or Docs, let us know by emailing [email protected] or our live chat support and we'll help you import them.

Adding Steps to SOPs

You can add as many steps to an SOPs as you want by clicking Add step under existing steps in every SOP. You can also attach any of the following to a step:

  • Macro - you can attach a Macro for agents to run as part of a step.
  • sub-SOP - you can nest SOPs by adding sub-SOPs so a step in an SOP opens another SOP.
  • Link - you can attach a link to an external resource or any website for agents to open.


Attaching SOPs to Intents

To attach an SOP, click on an intent from Topics page, navigate to SOPs and click + Add SOP which will give you a dropdown list of your SOPs to select from. Once you've selected the SOP you want to attach, save it and it will be available in AI Assist.

Attach SOP

Using SOPs

SOPs are accessed from Intents on the AI Assist widget. Before you can access your SOPs, you must attach them to intents first as explained in the attaching SOPs section. Once you have attached them, you will see them under each intent in AI Assist.

Using SOPs