repetitive workflows

Clear processes? Save time with conditional automation

Aide detects automatable issues and lets you build workflows to automatically handle them based on customer data.
This frees up agents to focus on complex issues.

Boost team efficiency

Accelerate agents with AI assistance

Aide automatically identifies the topic of incoming tickets and surfaces relevant guidance to agents. This reduces the time agents spend figuring out context and provides them with tailored recommendations.

Deflect volume
with bots

Handle common questions instantly

Aide lets you build bots trained to independently answer repetitive customer inquiries. This enables basic questions to be resolved immediately without agent involvement.

aide is the AI Platform
you need for intelligent CX ops

Leverage all data

aide uses past tickets, knowledge and process documentation

One-click integrations

start using Aide with our
Zendesk and Front integrations

Safe models

secure and compliant models with PII redaction and SOC 2 in the works

are you ready?

Start your automation journey

Guided implementation

we'll guide you throughout the process to ensure you achieve your automation goals

Enterprise security

safe and compliant systems to keep your data safe with PII redaction and SOC 2 in the works