Aide AI
for Gmail

Elevate your email-based support with Aide. Categorize inquiries, suggest responses, and gain insights from your customer interactions, all within your familiar Gmail interface.

How does Aide work?

Aide begins by analyzing all your data and finding clusters of tickets that relate to the same type of issue. You will get a list of intents that are unique to your company. No configuration is required during this step.

An intent will be either low-touch (automatable) or high-touch (requires human attention.) Aide helps you create the most suitable strategy for each type of intent, whether it be full automation or agent-assist.

How do I setup automations?

You can attach macros to intents. When Aide identifies an intent, it can auto-run a macro on that ticket, including actions such as tagging, leaving a comment, providing a canned response, or an AI response.

Macro actions can also be provided as a suggestion to agents. You may use your existing macros, or create new ones.For more advanced automations, you can setup custom automation triggers based on ticket fields or user fields.

Getting started

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How are suggested responses generated?

Aide uses large language model technology, like ChatGPT. The responses will be relevant out of the box by including information such as the identified intent, similar tickets from the past, and the text of relevant macros. You may also configure a custom greeting and signature. Responses can be multilingual.

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