Aide vs. Ada:
Beyond Chatbots

Discover how Aide's comprehensive AI solution surpasses traditional chatbots, offering helpdesk integration and agent assistance.

Versatile Automation,
Human-AI Collaboration

Aide provides a flexible AI solution that enhances both automated and human-assisted support, leveraging customer context and configurable policies for intelligent decision-making.

Frequently asked questions

How does Aide differ from Ada's chatbot solution?

While Ada focuses primarily on chatbots, Aide offers a more comprehensive solution. In addition to automated interactions, Aide integrates with your helpdesk and provides suggestions to human agents, supporting a human-in-the-loop approach for live chat scenarios.

Can Aide support partial automation of customer interactions?

Yes, unlike solutions that aim for full automation, Aide is designed to support varying levels of automation. It can handle fully automated interactions when appropriate, but also excels at augmenting human agents with AI-powered suggestions and insights.

How does Aide's AI leverage customer information?

Aide goes beyond simply using your help center content. It understands customer context and uses configurable policies to determine the best course of action based on this data. This allows for more personalized and effective interactions.

What kind of reporting does Aide offer?

Aide provides advanced, AI-specific reporting. You can track metrics such as how often certain workflows are used and which help center articles are most frequently referenced. This detailed insight allows you to continually optimize your support processes.

How does Aide's AI approach differ from traditional chatbots?

Aide takes a unique hybrid approach to conversational AI. We use an interpretable, editable logic engine to decide possible actions, then a generative AI model provides the response. This combines the transparency of rule-based systems with the flexibility and natural language capabilities of AI.

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