Aide vs. Re:amaze:
Elevating Support Intelligence

Discover how Aide's AI-powered automation enhances your existing helpdesk, offering advanced features beyond traditional solutions like Re:amaze.

Intelligent Automation,
Flexible Integration

Aide offers advanced AI capabilities and customizable workflows that integrate seamlessly with your current helpdesk, providing intelligent automation at a more flexible price point.

Frequently asked questions

How does Aide's pricing model differ from Re:amaze?

Aide's pricing is based on conversation volume, not per seat like Re:amaze. This model can be more cost-effective and scalable, especially for growing teams or businesses with fluctuating support needs.

What sets Aide's automation features apart from Re:amaze?

Aide goes beyond simple canned responses. We use a unique hybrid approach to conversational AI that includes customizable policies, customer context, and a generative AI model. This results in more intelligent and tailored automated responses.

How does Aide integrate with existing helpdesk solutions?

Unlike Re:amaze, which is a complete helpdesk solution, Aide is designed to integrate with and enhance your existing helpdesk. This allows you to add advanced AI-powered automations without needing to switch platforms.

Can Aide's AI responses be customized to match our business policies?

Yes, Aide's AI drafts are highly contextual and can be guided by your specific business policies. This ensures that automated responses align with your brand voice and business rules.

Does Aide offer automatic email responses?

Yes, Aide can automatically reply to emails in your inbox when a relevant workflow is triggered with high confidence. This feature helps to handle routine inquiries quickly and efficiently.

why choose aide?

Our commitment to outstanding customer support isn't just a promise — it's an obsession.

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