Front Inbox Integration

Instantly generate relevant responses and respond to customer requests in a fraction of the time

Installing the integration

You'll find our integration in the Front integrations directory, here. Alternatively, if you're looking to install it from within your inbox in the Front app, simply follow the directions outlined in the below video:

Setting up Aide

Once you've installed Aide in Front let us know, you will then go through our onboarding process, where you'll provide the following information:

  • Your company's name and website
  • Your product types (whether physical products that are shipped or digital software and services) their descriptions, and links to them
  • 2 examples of support emails that you receive and your responses to them
  • Your primary support email and physical mailing address (for shipping returns if your customers ask about them)

You can see the steps required for setup in the below video:

Once you're provided us with the above information, we will create and train an AI model for you to automatically generate responses on Front using the integration you've installed in the previous step. Generally, this process takes us a few hours if you've completed the process during business hours and up to 12 hours if not.